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Please join Rabbi Mendel Rosenblum for a remarkable new six-week course from the
Rohr Jewish Learning Institute.

Course Overview

A panoramic overview of 3000 years of Jewish learning, this course introduces you
to the works that earned us the title “The People of The Book.” You will experience
the different genres that shape Jewish life, including Tanach, Midrash, Talmud, Halachah,
Philosophy, Kabbalah, Musar, Chasidism, and meet the influential personalities who
drove thirty centuries of Jewish scholarship. Whether you’re meeting these texts for the
first time or as a seasoned scholar, this course will inform and enrich all your Jewish learning.

The Torah
Scroll through the written word
Explore the Written Word
canonized in the 24 books of
the Tanach, beginning with
the Five Books of Moses, and
how the core texts of Judaism
encapsulate and drive the whole
of Jewish learning.

The Midrash
The many stories within the story
Immerse yourself in the major works
of Midrash. Excavate the multiple
layers of meaning contained within
each drop of Torah ink. Swim in
the celestial stories. Drink up the
wondrous insights. Live by the
profound lessons.

The Talmud
Discussions, dissections,
and debates on every topic
The most important and authoritative
record of the Oral Torah, the Talmud
defines Jewish learning through the
centuries. In this lesson, we explore
the process of its formation, the
books that comprise it, the themes
and debates that form it, and
the people who drive it—all while
engaging in some in-depth Talmudic
learning ourselves.

Law and order for everyday life
See how principles and
precedents inform eternal
decisions and resolve modern
issues. Long before the
Information Age and the World
Wide Web, Jews have been
writing code—codes of conduct,
codes of law, and codes by
which to decode life and engineer
perfect harmony between Heaven
and earth.

Musar & Jewish Philosophy
Deep read: think between the lines
If this course were a bookstore,
Lesson 5 would straddle the
self-help and philosophy sections.
Because in Judaism, intellect
informs feeling and both inform
character and behavior. In this
class, we peruse titles discussing
ethics, character development, self-
improvement, ideology, faith, and the origins of the universe.

Kabbalah & Chasidism
The soul that binds the pages of life
Like you, the Torah has both a body
and a soul. Also like you, most of
Jewish literature dissects the body.
This lesson explores and demystifies
the mystical texts that reveal the soul
and spirit of Jewish teaching and
universal life.

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Limited Scholarships Available by Request 
For more information please call 412.512.3046 or email

January 25th, 2023 7:30 PM to March 8th, 2023 12:00 AM
1701 McFarland Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15216
United States
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