CKids Jewish Discovery Club is a program like no other- just ask anyone who's been! The kids walk away with so much knowledge packed into a short amount of time, all-the-while having so much fun, they don't even realize they were learning! 

CKids JDC welcomes all children regardless of Synagogue Affiliation. No Membership. 

Here's a short outline of our program: 

  • Holiday Units: Explore hands-on Jewish Living with the coolest holiday experiences.
  • Hebrew Reading: Master Hebrew Reading with our Aleph Champ curriculum- learn at your own pace karate inspired method. Read more about it here: What is Aleph Champ?
  • Weekly Judaics Brand New Content: "Bereishit: Story of my Life" 

    Using educational tools, such as theater, crafts, STEM, and filmmaking, we will be diving deep into the fascinating stories of the first book of the Torah: Bereishit. From Adam and Eve through The Great Flood and until the story of Yosef, your child will cultivate a strong Jewish identity, Torah values, and be able to flourish emotionally, physically,and mentally. They will know that this is their story and feel a sense of belonging as a part of Jewish History. We are looking forward to exploring this incredible course and growing with you this year.