Participate in the Writing of the Torah - Be a part of it

Chabad of the South Hills has commissioned a scribe to begin writing a new Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) for the physical and spiritual benefit of our community.

The Torah is the most precious article in Jewish life. In time of need, prayers are offered in its presence. It is perfectly intact just as we received it together as a people some 3,300 years ago, transcribed by Moses from the words of G‑d Himself. This original scroll was kept in the Holy Ark, and an additional scroll was gifted to each of the twelve tribes. From these original scrolls, additional Torahs have been transcribed in precise detail in an unbroken chain from the time it was given at Mount Sinai.  

Despite years of upheaval and suffering, not one of the Torah’s 304,805 letters has ever been changed; the words we read in the synagogue today are the exact words recorded by Moses

Our Sages teach that a Jew is compared to a letter in the Torah and indeed everyone has their own letter in the Torah. Just as each letter is an essential part of the Torah, so too every single Jew is a vital and integral part of the Jewish people. 

According to Jewish law, a person who completes even one letter of the Torah is regarded as if he has written the entire scroll. And a person who writes a Torah “is regarded as if it had been given to him at Sinai”. 

We ask you to continue the age-old custom of honoring yourself, a family member or a friend by dedicating and owning a letter along with thousands of other Jews. as we dedicate this very special Torah scroll for our Jewish community. Click here to dedicate your part in the Torah.

When the Community Torah is near completion, we will have a joyful celebration to welcome this great new addition to our community.

Click here to take part in our CommUnity Torah